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Hand Painted Ceramics - Platters and Chargers

I do a variety of platters and chargers in 15th and 16th century styles. I create historical reproductions and original designs that use historical or traditional motifs. I use food safe glazes so my platters are functional as well as decorative.

All the platters on this page were hand painted using commercially made ceramic glazes and underglazes on commercially made ceramic bisque in modern standard sizes.

Castroville Lace Platter

Castroville Blue Lace platter St Louis Church

This platter was decorated using the maiolica technique on commercial white bisque. The church in the center is St. Louis Catholic Church in Castroville, Texas.  The design of this platter is in the genre known as " Compendiario a settori" or "outline an area".  D. 16 inches.

This is one of my more elaborate pieces. It took approximately 20 hours to create.  The center contains a sketch of St. Louis Catholic Church in Castroville, Texas. The platter was awarded a premium ribbon at the 2001 State Fair of Texas. 

Classic Ricco charger

Classic Italian Renaissance Platter

This platter was decorated in a classic Italian style. The traditional vinework pattern on the rim was based on several variations found on 16th century pottery. The center design was also inspired by a 16th century pottery piece.

My step by step instructions and the patterns for painting this traditional maiolica platter decorated with fish scales and vine work were published in the May/June 2006 issue of Popular Ceramics magazine.  Popular Ceramics magazine is no longer being published. It has been replaced with Fired Arts and Crafts. Visit the publisher's website to find back issues.

A Selection of Platters

Vinework platter Banded Peacock Charger

The designs of these platters were inspired by vinework and peacock motifs on 16th century Italian ceramics.






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