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If you are interested in learning more maiolica there are a number of resources including on-line lessons, publications and in-person education.


On my Bibliography page there is a list of published reference materials I have accumulated relating to maiolica and decorative ceramics. Many of these books are out of print. To locate them try using Inter-Library Loan or Internet used book search engines like Used books on museum collections can be quite expensive. Sometimes books on museum maiolica collections show up on E-bay along with old auction catalogs for Christie's or Sotheby's.

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This page contains a variety of links including online shopping for modern maiolica, ceramic supplies and educational links. There are also some link on the Museum Collections page

My Publications

Step by step instructions and the patterns for painting a traditional maiolica platter decorated with fishscales and vine work were published in the May/June 2006 issue of Popular Ceramics magazine.  This magazine is no longer published.

Hands-on Education

Scuola d'Arte Ceramica "Romano Ranieri", Deruta, Italy  -- The school has an English language website.  More information about this school can be found at I took a personalized two day class at this school in November of 2004.  For a report of my experience with this school click here

On-line Education

Gael Stirler has created some on-line maiolica lessons at the Gutenberg School of Scribes.  Gael is also one of the moderators for the Yahoo maiolica group.

Click to subscribe to the maiolica e-group -- This is a Yahoo e-group for people who enjoy making or studying Renaissance Italian maiolica.  Our group area includes a collection of files with useful information for creating maiolica.

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