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Maiolica designs can be rather complex. It is easier to make matching sets by using the pouncing technique using a variety of patterns. Patterns created for the pouncing technique can be a single motif, a detailed design or a generic template.  A pattern can be reused many times for such things as a large set of matching tiles or a set of dinnerware.

Single Motif

A single motif can be something as simple as a flower.  Using a single motif pattern ensures all similar items on the same piece are the same size.  A photocopier or scanner can be used to scale a pattern in order to decorate vessels of various sizes.

Detailed Design

A detailed design is best for complicated designs or designs that may need to be reused.  It is easier to draw on paper than it is to draw on a glazed plate or tile. A pattern prepared for pouncing like the one below can be reused to make a matching set of tiles.

Generic Template

A generic template is a geometric grid that helps with freehand decorating of a unique item.  This is an example of a generic template used to evenly divide circular items like plates and bowls.  It was drawn with a compass, ruler, protractor and a mechanical pencil.  The circle of 360 is divided into even sections of 5. It is useful to have generic templates in a variety of sizes. Small ones are useful to evenly divide the inside of a plate or bowl. Large ones are useful for evenly dividing plates and platters.


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