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This section of my website is dedicated to education about maiolica. I created these pages primarily to help historical re-enactors to create their own versions of Italian Renaissance feast gear and to answer my most frequently asked questions.


Maiolica is a type of low-fire ceramic earthenware covered with an opaque white tin glaze and decorated with colored pigments.  This type of pottery was popular in Italy during the Renaissance although it was also produced in other Western European countries.   This technique is also known by the names majolica, faience, and delft. 

Process Overview

See the basic steps in painting maiolica ceramics.


A brief history of maiolica with images and information on museum collections.


Resources for learning more about maiolica including on-line lessons, publications and in-person education.


Learn the basic techniques of painting maiolica ceramics

Recreating History

Information specificaly for those interested in creating maiolica for historical re-enactment purposes.

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