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Specializing in functional hand painted Renaissance style ceramics.

This website is dedicated to showing the work of ceramic artist Mary R Schirmer. It also provides educational information on the type of ceramic known as maiolica or majolica.

Artist Statement

I specialize in functional hand painted Renaissance style ceramics. I create both original designs and historical reproduction. My ceramic work is inspired by my research of classic Italian designs of the 15th and 16th centuries. I primarily decorate my own hand made ceramic pottery. I also hand paint commercially made blank tiles and tableware.

** Please do not share my images on social media sites such as Pinterest or Facebook. I have intentional added code to my website pages to disable Pinterest pining. If you wish to use images from my website, please contact me.


Educational Information

Maiolica is a type of clay earthenware covered with an opaque white tin based glaze. This type of pottery was especially popular in Italy during the Renaissance although it was produced in other Westeren European countries. This ceramic decorative technique is also known by the names majolica, faience, and delft.

More information about maiolica can be found in the Maiolica Informatory. This section of the site includes:

I do not do appraisals.  Please do not send me pictures of your family treasures.

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